Development Logs

Commit Date Author Summary
3e7ce17 2016-05-19 - 18:47:33 NightAngel Atomic 1.2.2
- Removed GUI blur problems by removing GUI blur.
fafe036 2016-05-19 - 17:24:58 NightAngel Small Fix For Radios

c7f770a 2016-04-10 - 13:06:14 NightAngel Possible Fix to LoadRadios Bug

1b1539d 2015-11-24 - 12:37:16 NightAngel Atomic 1.2.1
- Shifted config to patch
5323d27 2015-11-24 - 11:07:17 NightAngel Atomic 1.2.0
- Changed perk, and special networking to use datastream instead of
- Changed primary HUD ammo indicator to only draw when weapon is raised
- Changed checks in CanSeeBlip to hopefully streamline runtime
- Added config option to toggle power armor requiring the perk to wear
- Moved frame material getting set to inside the frame's init function
for atomicframe
- Moved special materials to inside frame init for special view and
creation derma
- Perk derma elements now change color on rebuild
- Fixed issue with base items based on apparel not getting their armor
set properly
b41ce5f 2015-11-17 - 00:57:11 NightAngel Atomic 1.1.1
- Shifted char menu derma to use theme hooks instead.
- This update requires Clockwork 0.94.3 or later to function.
6664b5d 2015-11-16 - 00:17:52 NightAngel Apparently this change didn't make it over...

214b3e9 2015-11-14 - 07:51:31 NightAngel Renamed Derma

893ea7d 2015-11-14 - 07:14:42 NightAngel Moved Stuff. Changed Version

c79b794 2015-11-13 - 23:11:20 NightAngel Removed Extra Folder
I don't like it
07edf49 2015-11-13 - 23:09:57 NightAngel Atomic 1.1.0
- Added additional fonts to theme
- Changed Stationary Radio functions to use IsOff()
- Fixed music radio saving
- Fixed issue with players still having perks even if it was removed
from schema
- Organized repo
1b18198 2015-11-12 - 09:33:06 NightAngel Atomic 1.0.3
- Fixed issue with black widow / lady killer perks where it would error
out if world spawn (falling) dealt damage. Now checks for if attacker is
a player or not.
- Did an assortment of tweaks to the FO4 HUD to bring it more in line
with the actual game now that I have it as a close reference (Wider
radar, using the actual font from the game, bigger lines, bigger
shadows, rearranged layout, ST and AP switched positions).
- Added flashlight indicator to FO4 HUD, material will be synced to
workshop addon.
- Added additional fonts for new FO4 HUD, and planned terminals
4331186 2015-11-07 - 02:07:31 NightAngel Atomic 1.0.0
- Fixed perks saving
- Added faction.startingPerks
- Fixed perks module type
- Intelligence now affects attribute gain by +10% per point (up to
- Shifted Sneak NWInt setting from PlayerThink to PostPlayerSpawn and
AttributeProgress, hopefully will fix some disconnect problems
- Buffed Sneak progress per tick from 0.025 to 0.080
- Moved starting inv for extra sweps to the plugin
- Added offset for menu button border if the button has a menu icon set
or not
- Fixed Perks menu, now rebuilds properly each time it's opened
- Added Power Armor Training perk,
- BOS and Enclave start with Power Armor Training
- Added base_power_armor, made all power armors derive from it
- Changed x-01 overlay to be named x-02
- Made perk modules cleaner, now registers PERK.module as a plugin
- Added Black Widow perk
- Added Lady Killer perk
fb4d27f 2015-11-06 - 12:30:33 NightAngel Reorganized Folders
- Now release, archive, etc
- Added serial.cfg
- Added small comment to show what type of image community_logo works
best with
- Added small fix to saving perks
4d4bea6 2015-11-05 - 19:39:12 NightAngel Atomic 0.9.0
- Added contributor to dev icon
- Shifted around structure of char menu paint to allow for customization
of the logos displayed
- Changed default info that gets displayed on perk menu to the first
perk in list
- Added rare spawns to apparel items
- Added "community_logo" key
82cef78 2015-10-31 - 16:01:38 NightAngel Alpha 0.8.8
- Added OnTransfer functions to factions
- Changed model of stimpacks and nukacola
- Shifted fade set OnEntCreated to serverside to hopefully avoid any of
those disconnects.
81a5f6f 2015-10-31 - 14:00:25 NightAngel Alpha 0.8.5
- Added bBackground bool variable to Atomic.Draw:WeaponSelect
- Changed Sneak UI on FO4 HUD to match FO4
- Added crosshair fill to DrawInfoUI
- Adjusted SalesmanTargetID to remove redundant crosshairFill set
3cfba1b 2015-10-31 - 12:24:45 NightAngel Alpha 0.8.0 (Changed Version)

0b3b332 2015-10-31 - 12:23:38 NightAngel Alpha 0.8.0
- Reworked main menu to mimic Fallout 4's main menu
72c4c95 2015-10-30 - 12:26:31 NightAngel Alpha 0.7.5
- Changed PDW stats
- Added fix to radar friendly faction detection
- Added config for menu blur
- Removed default ammo items
- Fixed food items clamping between 0 and 100
- Added music radio saving
295bb4e 2015-10-30 - 04:51:07 NightAngel Alpha 0.7.1
- Added updated content
- Removed chatbox font set to allow symbols like '^'
1450242 2015-10-27 - 09:49:07 NightAngel Alpha 0.7.0
- Shifted archives
- Updated writing plugin
- Shifted friendly faction table for radar into each faction's file
- Shifted readme.txt
- Crosshair now fills when looking at salesman
- Fixed charsetspecial
- Removed old laser weapons, tracer, and shotgun
- Adjusted starting items and made more starting items for weapons add
if extrasweps plugin is loaded
- Fixed multiple problems with apparel and spawning in regards to the
special library
- Adjusted readme
- Encrypted functions
616eda6 2015-10-25 - 16:07:14 NightAngel Alpha 0.6.5
- Added AddWorkshops for the extrasweps plugin
- Added readme instructing owners to install the addons to their servers
for the models to work
- Made DrawUseUI function
- Added salesmen target id paint
- Fixed checks for HUDs that would still paint FO4 hud if both convars
were off
- Added checks to InfoUI
- Adjusted function name for OnSpecialChanged
- Added PlayerShouldSmoothSprint
- Removed
09ffd38 2015-10-22 - 08:17:01 NightAngel Alpha 0.6.2
- Fixed correct spelling in weapon class to typo for 'antimaterielrifle'
- Added colored icons and outline to menu paint
- removed useless code from cl_theme
- shifted char menu buttons down on the y axis to be equal with each
49119e2 2015-10-22 - 07:11:42 NightAngel Alpha 0.6.0
- Added extrasweps plugin to provide optionally provide more sweps to
the schema using a workshop swep pack.
- Added check if ent is the client before adding to the radar table.
- Moved check so that raiders are shown as friendly to one another
- Shifted color setting to theme initialize to fix bug with colors not
being set
- Changed DrawAtomicBorder to draw a blurbox for the background
- Added the music radio entity.
- Removed old NV weapons to avoid name conflict with the swep pack and
extra weapons that people wont use if using a third party pack
- Shifted fade distance set to shared on entity created.
07e83fd 2015-10-20 - 21:22:49 NightAngel Alpha 0.5.0
- Added Fallout 4 Styled HUD
- Added music radio item and music library
- Added extra checks to CanSeeBlip
- Added radar to both HUD styles
- Added perks menu and added onto perk library
- Added checkboxes to switch between both HUD styles
- Added iconset to set my steamID to a dev icon
- Changed weapon select paint and DrawAtomicBorder
- Added settings paint
- Added Add/Remove commands for perks
- Changed FO4Panel paint function
- Changed stationary radio UI name to 'Stationary Radio' from 'Radio'
- Changed X-01 name to X-02
- Added draw library
- Changed 'Cannibalism' perk to 'Cannibal'
- Changed 'Educated' perk to 'Swift Learner'
- Added OnPerkRegistered hook
d8e131d 2015-10-14 - 20:51:59 CuddlyAngel Alpha 0.3.0
- Added config toggle for special system
- Fixed uppercase 'Clockwork' bug for Linux
- Made targetID font smaller
- Removed itemspawn commands and added support for Gr4Ss' itemspawn
- Changed models for stimpacks
- Added armor values to other apparel
- Removed item outline for junk items
- Added categories to weapons
- Fixed legs being drawn over overlays
- Added WIP perks library
- Added 'OnPlayerSpecialChanged' hook, shifted health modifer to it from
- Added AddFile for monofonto font.
- Added cannibalism and educated perks
- Shifted mutilate option for ragdolls to cannibalism and made it
require the perk
- Changed version to 0.3.0-alpha
923466f 2015-10-11 - 11:12:48 CuddlyAngel Alpha 0.2.0
-Archived old version with development features that won't be in release
-Commited current version (0.2.0-alpha)
37cc00e 2015-08-26 - 07:34:27 NightAngel Fixed Overlays, Added Custom Sounds, Aesthetics
- Fixed overlays sticking through char swap
- Added custom sounds to items, and click, tick option sounds
- Painted some derma menus with theme library
- Added extra content
774d1c3 2015-08-24 - 05:58:16 NightAngel Tons of Changes
- Removed old functions
- Added log to heal events and buffed base heal for aid items.
- Changed sound for button clicking in the char menu
- Changed leather armor to combat armor
- Added power armor item
- Changed gasmask overlay to new gasmask overlay
- Changed use / drop / pickup sounds for items
- commented out register for pipboy item, need to focus attention to the
rest of the schema
- Changed overlay library to use updated third person functions
- Fixed boosts typo
- Removed old references to clothes character data
- Removed playerfootstep function for now (moving it to framework)
- Made agility adjust run speed, made strength adjust inventory weight
- Added tons of new sounds and materials.
e9415fe 2015-08-20 - 20:44:35 NightAngel Merge changes from my desktop

cd1f737 2015-08-20 - 20:40:19 NightAngel Updates
- Added durable weapons
- Added pipboy fixes/changes
- Added SetSpecial and further special library development
- Fixed base items
- Changed menu theme to fallout 4 theme
- BoS walk/run sounds
aa171ab 2015-08-20 - 01:30:14 CuddlyAngel Testing Fixes
- Fixed issues surrounding doing encounter callbacks wrong (or rather
just removed reference to them for now)
- Attempted to solve main menu materials overlaying on lower resolutions
(will finish tomorrow)
- Changed chatbox custom position to set and reset everytime fallout hud
is disabled, and also at init depending on fohud convar
- Made hud ticks a little more opaque.
- Removed debug print from chatboxadjustinfo
70e2470 2015-08-19 - 17:55:35 CuddlyAngel Work on Checks

25b1142 2015-08-18 - 22:08:12 CuddlyAngel Added Encounters Library
- Added basis for encounters library
- Added unfinished encounter to give an idea how they look like
- Added speech check and speech string functions for ease of use
- Added wasteland location
d914602 2015-08-07 - 08:02:04 NightAngel Lots of Additions
- Added overlays to base apparel
- Added overlay library
- Added basic implementation of pipboy
- Made pipboy values function properly
- Added pipboy item
- Added ability to toggle anon (?) chat
- Edited factions to use new system for starting inventory
- Edited BoS class color
adafa0e 2015-07-30 - 03:35:57 NightAngel Added Resources

08c5748 2015-07-28 - 20:58:13 CuddlyAngel Lots of Changes

7159d61 2015-07-28 - 04:19:35 CuddlyAngel Edits and additions
- Updated factions / classes and added new ones
-Updated attribute caps
-added early special library
-Started updating commands
-Added CanDraw function for HUD
240db53 2015-06-23 - 19:26:12 VortixDev Fixed text file.